Little Pandas Nursery: 53 Kilpatrick Drive, PA87AF Paisley, Renfrewshire.
Phone: 0141 812 4002


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Little Panda’s recognises the importance of the outdoors as a learning environment. Children will have access to the outdoor environment all day every day regardless of weather conditions. All children must have access to fresh air and physical exercise; we will not exclude any child from playing outdoors. All parents must provide appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather i.e. Weatherproof Jackets, Wellington boots, Hats, Scarves, Sun Hats etc. We are fortunate to have two secure gardens for the children to use throughout the day. These have been designed to provide opportunities for rich open-ended, discovery play. Children will also have the opportunity to visit the library, local parks and the Boden Boo Nature Trail.